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The Legend of Shura in Online Games (13th Dec 22 at 2:06am UTC)
Italy is also one of the protagonists of this secret war, and stands on the same front with Japan. However, the first master of Japan actually collided with the first master of Italy in the third match. Do they want to stage a "fight in the nest"? Or is there something in it that they don't know? For example, Dongying suddenly turned to Huaxia or what agreement did they reach? But With the intersection between their two countries, this seems completely impossible. Bang! The teacup in his hand was thrown to the ground by Tokugawa Ito, and the irritability in his heart was instantly ignited. He picked up the phone at hand and shouted into the microphone, "Yingzi!"! What were you thinking!? "The target you are calling cannot contact the outside world.." "Pow!" The telephone receiver was smashed on the table by him bitterly. Emperor Shi Tianmo, whose real name is unknown, whose name in the game is Ross, ranks first in the Italian war zone ranking, first in the Russian war zone fighting conference, and whose strength is unfathomable. According to the data, his mobility is general, but his attack and defense capabilities are extremely strong, and his nature is similar to that of the killing gods in the Chinese war zone. Wells looked at Ross as he walked slowly onto the stage and said. Nope! I know all this. What I'm more interested in is why the blood cherry of Japan chose him. William looked with interest at the icy blood cherry. The development of things beyond everyone's expectations, but did not let him feel any pressure, but feel that the game is more and more interesting. This It's a little intriguing. Wells weighed his chin and said with a smile, "However, at least there will be a very exciting match in front of us. Japan is the strongest and Russia is the strongest. It will undoubtedly be a protracted war." "Ding.." The game begins! This game, the Chinese audience will see no pressure, no matter which one wins, it is equivalent to getting rid of a powerful opponent for China. After the initial brief surprise,water bottle packaging machine, Ross has completely calmed down. After the "start of the game" prompt sounded, he still had a relaxed and enjoyable face. He did not even take out his weapons. His tall body stood on the stage invisibly giving people a sense of oppression. He leaned forward slightly and said with a smile, "Beautiful and noble Miss Blood Sakura, I am honored to be invited by you.." The name of Emperor Shitian has a different shock in Buddhist legends, because he represents the God of the Lord of the Thirty-three Heavens. And the demon deified by Emperor Shitian Demon will be endowed with demon nature and overbearing demon power. He has an ironclad defense that can destroy all attacks. Strength gives him the capital of arrogance, and "evil" is the strength of his human characteristics, but sometimes it will become his fatal weakness. In front of Blood Sakura, the ups and downs of God and he have made the same mistake, and his overconfidence and lust are doomed to his tragedy. Just as he leaned forward, the blood cherry moved. Chapter 610 the choice of blood cherry (part 1). This chapter will be 2K and a half, and the next chapter will be 3K and a half +. How fast can the speed of blood cherry be? Is the amazing speed of defeating the ups and downs of God just now the limit of her? If Feng Xiao, Blowing Filling Capping combiblock ,liquid bottle filling machine, who had fought with Blood Sakura and had seen all her strength, was present, he would know that the answer to this question was completely negative. When she fought with the ups and downs of God, she was so fast that people could only catch the elongated phantom, but this time, she was so fast that she could not even see the shadow. Ross had just noticed the shaking of the figure in front of him, and the words of Chrysanthemum with red light and the thorns of Gaia with white light had fallen on him at the same time. -6042,-6022,-6079,1833-1721,-3350。 As soon as the blood cherry shows the eyebrow, he has no idea that his defense ability is so strong that he can't hit more than ten thousand damage with the power of the super artifact Gaia's sprouting thorn. His defense capabilities today-far beyond the original Shura! But the surprise was only a flash, followed by a stormy attack from the blood cherry.
Ross, who finally woke up, was caught off guard and quickly retreated. At the same time, a huge machete nearly two meters long appeared in his hand. As soon as the huge machete appeared, it brought up a powerful energy fluctuation. But it was too late. The speed of the blood cherry was very fast, and the speed of attack was no less than that of the blood cherry. The weapon in Ross's hand had not yet been lifted, and the blood cherry's body had been transformed into eight in an instant. Eight people did the same action, cast the same attack, and hit Ross in the body. Ross has hundreds of thousands of lives, which is an astonishing number among players. But even with such a high vitality, how could he withstand the attack of eight blood cherry blossoms? His blood trough, which had been a quarter empty, was emptied in an instant, and his body fell on the stage with the action of raising the knife. Ding, Japanese No.1 player Blood Sakura wins! Half second sprint to close, half second first attack, half second split, half second split. It took only two seconds to finish the match, which was expected to be a protracted battle between the super masters. Emperor Shi Tianmo "Ross did not have time to make a move after he came to power, and the only thing he did was to call out the weapon.". The stadium, which had been quiet all the time, finally began to be restless, because the result of the game gave them too much psychological impact, even almost unacceptable. Emperor Shi Tianmo, in the European continent where masters gather, he is undoubtedly the top master among the masters, and almost everyone knows his prestige. Rumor has it that there are few people in the world who can break his defense, and there are few people in the world who can withstand his attack. In the Italian war zone,PET bottle Mold, he is a myth that can not be defeated. But this myth was broken by Dongying's blood cherry in two seconds. She defeated the ups and downs of God in three seconds, and people were not too surprised except for her strength. Because after all, the other side is only a temple bishop with an auxiliary profession and a fragile life. Most of the players in the audience are confident that they can beat him perfectly in a short time. But the time it took her to defeat the famous "Emperor Shi Tianmo" was even shorter than the ups and downs of defeating God. Two seconds!.
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