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Memory doesn't want to make her feel better. (13th Dec 22 at 2:07am UTC)
Maybe she is a little sensitive, but she really thinks it doesn't matter. She will be 27 years old after the New Year. Even if she has a child now, it's not too early. Are you afraid I'm pregnant? With a look at each other, Zhu Wanwan understood. He's afraid. What is this.. The tip of her nose was sour, and she rowed to the other side of the bathtub in a bad temper to show that she was irreconcilable with him. Even though she felt that Chen Buzhou had compromised and returned to the bathtub after a short time, she still twisted her face and wanted to draw a clear line with him. After a while, the water was getting cold, and Chen Buzhou put in new hot water. Hearing the sound, Zhu Wanwan stole a glance at him,fake ficus tree, and then dared to kick Chen Buzhou's knee. But before her foot touched Chen Buzhou, her ankle was held by him. She simply threw two handfuls of water in his face. But he just held her feet and held her hands tightly. Face drooping, falling in the shadows. In the bright light, only faint traces of water could be seen on his eyelashes. Look at him like this,artificial grass panels, Zhu Wanwan can't be fierce all of a sudden. She knows better than anyone what kind of person Chen Buzhou is. He must have his reasons, but as before, he kept them in his heart and did not tell anyone. With a sigh, she paddled back, squeezed into his arms like a big bear doll, and held him firmly in her hands. What do you think? She touched his face. "You can't keep telling me nothing …" You have no idea how much work it took me to figure out what you like and what you hate. She thought for a moment and tilted her head. "Don't you like children?" Chen Buzhou pursed his lips for a long time and finally moved his lips: "I don't like it." "But there must be some." Zhu Wanwan was even more worried, "My mother is at my age." Her mother.. …… No way. All Wanwan felt like laughing at this guess. Chen Buzhou, silk ficus tree ,fake blossom tree, you won't be. Seeing Chen Buzhou's red eyes, she bit her lips and couldn't laugh any more. You are so stupid. She raised her head and held his face. "You know more about medicine than I do. My blood has no coagulation dysfunction. Others, such as placenta retention, uterine atony, cervical laceration, are things that no one can determine in advance.." She felt that the more she said, the more dangerous it was, and she was a little nervous. She hurriedly made up for it in a panic: "Besides, with the current level of medical care … …" At least in terms of the medical level of several major hospitals in Panda City, even if they really encounter these things beyond the reach of manpower, it is impossible to endanger lives under the eyes of so many doctors and nurses. Feeling that he was really going to cry, Zhu Wanwan pinched Chen Buzhou's face and coaxed him: "If I bleed a lot, you can help me with blood transfusion.". We all have the same blood type. You can save me. But before she had finished panicking, Chen Buzhou suddenly held her tightly in his arms. He pushed so hard that drops of water from his hair and face fell on her shoulders and back, some cold, some hot. Zhu Wanwan. He called to her. Uh "Did I ever tell you." "What?" "I love you very much." “……” "You must always be with me." His fingers clenched, but his voice was still calm and calm. ……” "You promise me." “……” "You promise me." "Don't be afraid." Zhu Wanwan interrupted his stubborn question. At this moment, she is full of pride and courage. She stretched out her hand and gave Chen Buzhou the biggest hug. I won't leave you. She looked him in the eye and promised, "I will take good care of myself, protect myself, keep myself healthy and safe, and stay with you all the time." "Really, I swear." "Look,faux ficus tree, look, I'm sticking my fingers up." "Look." Chen Buzhou sighed, released his fingers and rubbed her hair.
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