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Auction the baby dragon (13th Dec 22 at 2:07am UTC)
Where is the baby? You should know that very well. Auston took a deep breath of his cigar, then slowly exhaled the smoke from his lungs in a leisurely and indifferent manner, and only the girl he was staring at knew how murderous the man in front of him was. He'll really kill me, she thought, and the girl trembled. "Yes, I do know where the monster is, and I'm the only one who knows. If you kill me, you'll never see the monster again." Threatening me? Don't worry, I won't kill you. It's too cheap to kill you. Dickinson, take her to the back. Ali is waiting there. Hearing the name, everyone was stunned, and then all the sympathetic eyes were cast on the thin and trembling girl on the ground. Ali, this is a name that many people in the underworld are afraid of, an expert in torture, a master of torture, he has never tortured to death, and those who died at his hands, all have only one way to die, suicide. Boss, well, leave her to me, I'm sure I can find out. One side of Dreiser could not help but interrupt. Dickinson, take her down. Ordered Auston coldly. ************* 'Gollum. ' The baby's belly was crying, and the baby dragon was curious to pestle his little belly with his paws, and then turned to look at the pots of mushy things next to it. Whoo! The baby is so hungry. Mother, the baby wants mother. Suddenly, the baby dragon opened his big round eyes. Yes, looking for his mother. The baby can find his mother by himself. Thinking of this, the baby dragon suddenly propped up his short and fat limbs, raised his big head, and searched back and forth in the room. The room had bare concrete walls on all four sides, and except for the door,large artificial blossom trees, there was only a small vent on one wall. Fortunately, although the baby dragon is very big, but the body is serpentine, the length is far more than the thickness, through that vent should not be a problem. After making up his mind, the baby dragon twisted hard towards the vent. Under the vent, the baby dragon struggled to stand up against the wall, put his two front paws on the wall, and then kicked up with his back paws. In this way, he tried to climb up with heavy breathing. What are you doing? Little guy? Suddenly a voice came, and the baby dragon, who was climbing halfway, was so frightened that he fell to the ground. Lying there on his back like a tortoise, the baby dragon stared in horror with big round eyes, watching the bad guy named Alan slowly walk towards it with an evil smile. ************* "Boss, she confessed." Fifteen minutes after taking the maiden to Ali, Dickinson returned to the drawing-room alone. What did she say? Auston asked coldly, cherry blossom wedding centerpiece ,outdoor palm trees, frowning. She said she sold the baby to Allen, a drug boss in the United States, and the delivery place was Allen's villa in New York. Dickinson approached Auston and stood close. Alan, is it? Then let's meet the drug boss. Dickinson, get this Alan on the phone for me and tell him I need to talk to him face to face. Auston pressed the cigar in his hand hard on the marble table, then got up and left the living room. ************* A villa in Allen, a suburb of New York. "Mr. Allen, the animal in your hand, which I did buy at a Las Vegas auction, was smuggled out by the family servant and sold to you, and I hope you will give it back to me, and I will give you double, no, triple, the money you spent to compensate for your loss." Now, Auston is sitting in the living room of Allen's villa, talking to Allen, the buyer of the baby, about the terms of getting the baby back. With all due respect, Mr. Alston. No matter how this pet got out of your villa, it has nothing to do with me. I only know that I paid for it. So, sorry, please go back. Alan chuckled and made a gesture of invitation to Auston, who sat opposite. If you are not satisfied with the price, you can make an offer, and I will try my best. Ignoring his master's drive, Auston made another offer. I'm sorry, Mr. Alston, but I didn't buy it to make a deal with you, so please do.
” Seeing that Alan again made a gesture of invitation, Auston had no choice but to leave temporarily. When he reached the door, Auston stopped and turned to Alan. "I hope Mr. Alan will think about it. I won't give up." Then he opened the door and left. Chapter 10 Save the Dragon Baby. Dickinson, you get a helicopter and a bulletproof van and a bulletproof van. Dreiser, go round up all the men you can get now, and get them all armed. Housekeeper, get in touch with Doris and have her special team ready. I need it at any time. As soon as he returned to the villa, Auston began to command his men to prepare, and since the other side refused to release the baby, he had to rob it. Boss, what are you doing? Dreiser asked without knowing what was going on. Caught Alan off guard when he wasn't prepared. Auston said fiercely. Aren't you going to negotiate? "He won't agree to my offer. He doesn't want to give the baby back to me at all, so I just rob it." When Auston had finished, he left the others and went up the stairs. Arriving at the study on the third floor, Auston pushed open the large bookcase against the wall. Behind the bookcase was a hidden compartment one person high. The upper part of the hidden compartment was hung with several black special bulletproof suits, and the lower part was several drawers. Opening the drawers, there were Swiss Army knives, Italian Beretta pistols, Austrian Glock pistols, TMP tactical submachine guns, and other of the world's most advanced weapons. Auston took off his suit and changed into a special bulletproof suit, which was loaded with weapons and bullets on the waist, legs and arms of the bulletproof suit. Once outfitted, Auston pulled up the bookcase and went downstairs to meet the others. ************* In the empty and dark room,fake ficus tree, the baby dragon is chained to the ground by a thick, black and heavy chain. Because the length of the chain is too short, it is very difficult for the baby dragon to turn his head.
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