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Mortal (13th Dec 22 at 2:09am UTC)
The peacock was shocked and spread its wings. In an instant, a layer of five-color light protected it. Then it opened its mouth and a group of yellow light spurted out from it. It was yuan Ying, a young man surnamed Xu, who flew out and landed on the head of the bird in a twinkling of an eye. Then it looked at Han Li with a wry smile. Tao and stop, you and our heaven have not reached such a point of fire and water. We can make peace with each other. Even if Tao is really not afraid of the other three immortals. Don't you care about your own clan and descendants? "Do you want to force me to kill all of you in my lifetime?" Hearing this, Han Li's expression moved, but Ma Senran said. Brother Han must be like this? In the past, the saint and I went after each other. That's because we originally respected the strong in the realm of cultivating immortals. Tao, as a monk in the middle of yuan Ying, has killed and wounded so many high-level immortals in our grassland. Naturally, our temple must take down Tao. Later, the Tao took away the holy beast Fen Shen, which was even more taboo in our temple. I have to catch up with Dajin. Now it's different. The Tao can drive two late monks,smart board touch screen, and their magical powers are no less than those of the Great Friar. They are already qualified to sit on an equal footing with our Tianlan Temple. We don't want to lose both sides with the Tao, so it's better to make peace naturally. And this Kunwu Mountain is very dangerous, so it's easier for you and me to join hands to protect ourselves. The young man Xu Xing saw that Han Li did not interrupt his speech, and felt a little at ease in his heart. He hurriedly said what he had thought about for a long time and said it in one breath. Have you finished? Han Li listened quietly to the words of the young man surnamed Xu and asked without the slightest expression. Why do you think what Xu said is true? When the young man surnamed Xu saw Han Li's expression, his heart missed a beat and he asked carefully. It's not impossible to stop. But in what way do you convince me that you really want to make peace with me. With just a few words,interactive panel board, or some verbal vows? Han Li gave a sneer with a sneer on his face. Of course not! Our holy women in the temple can use the secret art to summon the true spirit of the holy beast of Tianlan and plant the seal of the holy beast for Tao. Invite Dao to be the guest elder of our Tianlan Temple. In this way, as long as the Tao returns the holy beast to us, so that we can have an explanation to others when we go back, the temple can no longer attack its own people. The young man surnamed Xu said hurriedly. The seal of the sacred beast. I heard some of it when I passed by the grassland. It is said that the people who planted this mark are all the people at the core of the temple. They can't kill each other. Otherwise, the mark will be made afterwards, which will make people suffer from extremely strange curses. The divine consciousness is so painful all the year round that life is worse than death. Han Liwen was a little surprised and said thoughtfully. As long as Han Dao knows it. Brother Han and I didn't really reach the point of life-and-death enmity. The main reason was that the holy beast was captured. As for the dead and wounded of those immortals, relative to brother Han's current strength, it is not worth mentioning the small matter. yuan Ying, a young man surnamed Xu, saw that Han Li was somewhat moved and continued to try his best to persuade him. Han Li frowned and looked uncertain. At this time, interactive touch screens education ,digital interactive whiteboard, yuan Ying, a young man surnamed Xu, shut up and waited quietly for Han Li's decision. But between the eyebrows, there is a faint look of uneasiness. He knew very well that if Han Li really wanted to kill them, with the joint efforts of several people in front of him, a mere yuan Ying had no chance to escape at all, and that life and death all depended on each other. Therefore, even though he was a monk in the late yuan Ying period, he felt as if he were treading on thin ice. Second watch yesterday! The following is a chapter of today, and we can finally catch up with the progress. Our tortoise speed makes us very depressed! Volume 5 Mingzhen Yifang Volume 6 Tongtian Lingbao Chapter 151Chi Nian Zhen Lei Although I am not afraid of your Tianlan Temple, I really don't want to form such a thing as planting the seal of the holy beast and joining your temple. The update is super fast. How do I know? What's so strange about the so-called seal of the sacred beast. You Tianlan Temple will not bother Han any more. Of course, if you really don't know what's good and what's bad, you will insist on sticking to it. "Don't blame Han for being ruthless." Han Li stared at yuan Ying, a young man surnamed Xu, and said calmly. This is natural. With the supernatural power of Tao now, how can our Tianlan Temple do anything to destroy the promise. Can you release the saint of this temple first.
"The young man surnamed Xu was pleased to hear this and hurriedly shouted." Don't worry, I haven't finished my offer yet. Han Li snorted and said angrily. Brother Han, if you have any other conditions, just tell me. "The young man surnamed Xu was stunned, and then he felt a shock in his heart." I will return the holy beast to you. But it's not something that horses can do, and it's probably going to take some years. Don't worry, I can promise you that I won't hurt the beast's life. Han Li's face showed a trace of weirdness. Can't return the horse to the beast? This It's not easy to handle. As soon as the young man surnamed Xu heard this, he was a little late. This is only one of them. Second, as a guarantee that you will not go back on your words afterwards, I will impose some restrictions on you and this saint yuan Ying. Don't worry, it's not the art of forbidding gods. When the cultivation reaches the realm of you and me, what effect can the forbidden magic still have. It's just that I just got the refining method of the ancient secret art'Chi Nian Shen Lei '. All you have to do is let yuan Ying swallow a grain of this thunder that contains the mind of the lower mind. It's all right. Han Li turned a blind eye to Xu Qingnian's expression and said leisurely. 'Chi-read True thunder, this pair is no good! ' The young man surnamed Xu was startled and said loudly without thinking. If you don't want to, I will erase you two from this world, and then find time to go to Tianlan Grassland when the three immortals are alone, and kill them one by one. Go back to Tiannan and tell Mulan. I think the Mulan people will be very happy and can return to the grassland. When it comes to the Tianlan Temple,4k smart board, that is, whether the Tuwu people can still exist in the world, it is a matter of two words. Han Li said slowly. How dare you do that? As soon as young Xu yuan Ying heard this. There was a chill behind him. Cried in great exasperation.
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