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Immortal inverse (13th Dec 22 at 2:11am UTC)
But how also did not think of, in this last will take away the moment, but is to bring these monks. His mind was full of thoughts, and it immediately occurred to him that this must be a conspiracy of several other deputy temple owners in the temple, and that he did not know what benefits he had given to these three people. Let them come to destroy their own, but also have to take advantage of their own at the moment only yuan Shen, to destroy their own plans here! Damn it, I'm extremely cautious this time so as not to attract the attention of the other deputy temple leaders. Did not send his monks to protect, just secretly manipulated, but did not expect, or was known the location! Under Liu Qingyun's gloomy, he looked carefully at Wang Lin in his retreat. The more I looked at him, the more I felt strange. He was the deputy head of the Hall of Resentment of the Corpse Yin Sect, in the Star Domain of the Alliance. Perhaps he had not seen all the monks of Yin and Yang, but he had seen almost all the monks who had reached Nirvana. After all, there are not many monks above peep nirvana in the alliance star field. Especially the big head boy, but also let him have doubts in his heart, although the big head boy's cultivation is peeping nirvana, but he can not see any artistic conception on the other side, on the contrary, in the other side's body. It has a strong immortal power. This Immortal! Liu Qingyun's eyes suddenly widened and he stepped back faster. You can't run away. The ripples at Wang Lin's feet suddenly dispersed, and the whole person disappeared in an instant. Liu Qingyun was almost scared out of his wits by this scene. Shrink into inches!! He screamed, the primordial spirit was scattered directly, and in an instant,Small Dc Gear Motor, it collapsed. Into countless crystal light, like the Milky Way rolled back, directly upward with its fastest speed, crazy escape. What a big hand those deputy temple masters have!!! I can invite a nirvana monk who can shrink into an inch. The reward they have to pay must be unimaginable! Liu Qingyun was shocked, but at the moment he had no time to think too much, and despair rose in his heart. In front of the monks who understand the magical power of shrinking the ground into an inch, they are invincible in the same rank. It's a nightmare to fight with such a person. His primordial spirit turned into crystal light and fled rapidly, but in an instant, in front of him,small geared motors, Wang Lin stepped out and clapped his right hand down in the void! Immediately the world shook, a strong impact, Liu Qingyun's body, was shaken into life again, he was pale. To step back. Ear immediately came a silly laugh, only to see the big head boy, shaking his big head, blocked Liu Qingyun's retreat. In the distance, Tashan came quickly with a roaring sound. Lau Ching-wan gave a wry smile. He knew that he had run away in front of the nirvana monk, who had the magical power to shrink the earth into an inch. With a deep sigh, he folded his fists and said, "Taoist friend, you and I have no enmity between life and death. Can you let me live? I will thank you for this!" Wang Lin took one look at Liu Qingyun and said slowly, "How can I thank him?" Liu Qingyun gritted his teeth and said, "I have a glimpse of the primordial spirit of the nirvana monk. How about thanking him with his primordial spirit?" The Primordial God is his enemy of life and death today. Many years ago, he broke his body with the power of the corpse Yin Sect and took the Primordial God. He has been preparing to refine it into a puppet of shame. At this moment, Planetary Gear Motor ,Gear Reduction Motor, in order to save his life, it is a very painful sacrifice. Oh? Bring it. Wang Lin looks as usual. Liu Qingyun looked at Wang Lin with a flash of his eyes and said, "Daoyou, if I take it out.". You still don't let Liu go. Without waiting for him to finish, Wang Lin frowned and looked at Liu Qingyun coldly. He said calmly, "Give you three breaths to think about it!" Liu Qingyun is silent, dark sigh, right hand in the eyebrow a little, immediately from the eyebrow appeared a ripple. An ancient mirror flew out of it. After the mirror appeared, there was a flash of light on it, but there was one. The middle-aged man's primordial spirit flew out slowly. Liu Qingyun no longer hesitated, sent the primordial spirit forward and fell into the hands of Wang Lin. Took a closer look. Wang Lin nodded, this yuan Shen, is indeed a nirvana monk. But now the mind has disappeared, leaving only the body of a primordial God. Having received this primordial spirit, Wang Lin shook his head and said, "It's not enough to exchange this thing for life." Liu Qingyun smiled bitterly. He also knew that what he had given was too different from what the deputy temple masters had given. In his meditation, his face was uncertain.
Moments later, he suddenly looked up, gritted his teeth, and said, "Daoyou, I have one more thing. You must be satisfied with it." As he spoke, there was a slight flash of vicious color in his eyes, and his right hand touched the ancient mirror that had been transformed between his eyebrows, and immediately there was a very majestic pressure, which filled the world in an instant. Thumping, a heartbeat that shakes the mind. It came from the ancient mirror, and then a corpse slowly floated out of it. This corpse, the whole body red, in the moment of appearance, immediately a towering flame filled the world. The flame was so intense that even the boy with the big head changed his face. My corpse is the 12th fire corpse in the list of strange corpses in the Yin Sect. If this corpse is taken away, all the fire magical powers between heaven and earth will be achieved. Can not hurt the slightest bit, in addition, but also can control the fire of heaven and earth, comparable to all magical powers! The value of this thing is extremely high, in exchange for life, absolutely enough! Liu Qingyun said, right hand a throw, immediately this fire corpse, straight to Wang Lin. The speed of the burning corpse was so fast that it was almost instantaneous. It approached Wang Lin, but at the moment it approached, the corpse suddenly opened its eyes and showed a crazy light inside. Liu Qingyun's face was ferocious. "Explode!" He shouted. With a bang, the fire corpse collapsed, did not affect the rosefinch star, but all locked in a small area, so. In order to maximize its power, an unimaginable flame, in this moment, filled the sky crazily. Almost instantly, all the clouds in the sky disintegrated, and even a large area of cracks filled the sky. The flame was so powerful that Tashan had to retreat. Even the boy with the big head was shocked. In the collapse of the flames, retreat at once. His face was pale,gear reduction motor, and at that moment he asked himself if the burning corpse had collapsed in front of him. Absolutely no escape from this disaster! He never thought that under this full advantage, Liu Qingyun dared to fight like this! Big head boy for the first time, to the Alliance Friar. Have a deep impression.
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