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Pretty Woman 90 (End) (13th Dec 22 at 2:16am UTC)
In the kitchen, Ouyang Chuchu had just made two cups of clouds and was about to take them out when Zhang Yuqing came in, leaning against the door and staring at her coldly. It's like looking at a cheap commodity. Ouyang Chuchu felt cold in her heart. She lowered her face and said obediently, "Mom, I've turned off the gas. The crab is hot in the pot." Zhang Yuqing stepped over, glanced at her, and said in a low voice, "Dead girl, don't give me this. You won't know why I came in." Ouyang Chuchu blinked his long eyelashes. "Mom, I don't know what you're talking about." Zhang Yuqing laughed twice, "pretend to be true, tell you, this man is Xiaoxiao, don't rob a man with Xiaoxiao, or you will look good." Ouyang Chuchu held the tray tightly in both hands, and the warmth on his face dispersed bit by bit with Zhang Yuqing's words. He said calmly, "Mom, this man is smiling. You are not afraid to let Tianyu brother listen to you when you talk like this. How embarrassing it is." As he spoke, he glanced out, with an anxious look on his face, as if he were really afraid that what they said would be heard by the people outside. Zhang Yuqing gave a dry laugh, not confused by Ouyang Xiaoxiao's appearance,uns c68700, "You know best what I said.". All right, take the tea out and always remember what Mom said. It's not yours. Don't think about it. Even if you think about it, you can't get it. Cold words, like a knife to Ouyang Chuchu. Ouyang Chuchu, carrying the tea tray, crossed her side and walked out slowly step by step, looking as cold as the snow lotus on the iceberg. Chapter 537 several meanings. In the living room, the laughter is loud. Ouyang Xiaoxiao did not know what interesting words he said,uns c70600, and Ouyang Yunfeng and Yi Xiangtianyu followed closely and laughed. Until Ouyang Chuchu appeared, the laughter suddenly stopped. Looking at the scene of joy, Ouyang Chuchu suddenly had an illusion, as if she had suddenly broken into a place she should not have broken into, because her sudden appearance seemed to have been destroyed. She was in a trance for a moment, then lowered her eyes and said helplessly, "The tea is ready." Ouyang Chuchu put the cloud and mist in front of Yi Xiang Tianyu. "Brother Tianyu, this is the cloud and mist you want." He handed Ouyang Yunfeng another cup of Maojian, "Dad, this is yours." Ouyang Yunfeng has always been partial to Mao Jian, in addition to Mao Jian, do not like to drink other kinds of tea. Thank you, Chuchu. Yixiang Tianyu thanked her with a smile and praised her, "Chuchu's tea is very good, and it's as good as the tea doctor in our provincial capital." Ouyang Chuchu blushed and whispered, "Brother Tianyu is so good at praising people. How can my skill be so good? Brother Tianyu doesn't mind. Come here another day and I'll make some scented tea for you for a change." "Yes." Yi Xiangtianyu answered with a smile. A discordant voice suddenly sounded. I said, a333 grade 6 pipe ,x52 line pipe, why do you talk so much today. Tianyu all the way from the provincial capital is also tired, you also let him have a good drink of tea, really not sensible, usually how your mother taught you, to know the courtesy, you do not learn from your sister. Look at your sister. Sit quietly. You talk so much now. Zhang Yuqing came out of the kitchen and glared at his little daughter. Looking at Yixiang Tianyu, he opened his mouth and said with a smile, "Tianyu, this child is not very talkative at ordinary times. He keeps a straight face when he sees anyone. Today, when he sees you, his tongue is shining and he opens his mouth.". Her father and I were relieved today. We had been worried that she was often depressed and afraid that she would take things too hard. I didn't know she was so eloquent. You say this kid is really.. Zhang Yuqing said, the conversation changed, "but smile, usually so good at talking, when you see you are so shy that you can't even speak.". Look at my two daughters. It's not easy. The meaning of Zhang Yuqing's words is to belittle the youngest daughter, elevate the eldest daughter, and make it clear that the eldest daughter is different from him. Ouyang smiled and called his mother shyly. Ouyang Chuchu lowered his head and could not see his expression. Yi Xiang Tianyu took a sip of tea, looked at the twin sisters lightly, smiled implicitly, and did not speak.
Ouyang Xiaoxiao spoke for his sister. "Mom, I haven't seen brother Tianyu for many years. I'm happy to see him today. We were tired of brother Tianyu every day, and so was I. Brother Tianyu didn't come these years. I miss him.". Had it not been for Grandma's sudden death,, Yixiang Tianyu's mother's home is in Shaoshi. Before his grandmother was born, Yixiang Tianyu would come to his grandmother's home whenever he had a winter or summer vacation. Ten years ago, after his grandmother died, Yi Xiangtianyu had never been to Shaoshi. At the mention of the old grandmother, Yi Xiangtianyu's expression changed imperceptibly. The child and the old grandmother's deep feelings, which everyone knows, at this time mentioned the old grandmother, obviously touched him. Ouyang Yunfeng felt that what his eldest daughter had said was somewhat inappropriate, and he could not bear to blame her. Chong Zhang Yuqing said, "I see, you are the only one who talks a lot here.". Is the food all ready? Zhang Yuqing said with a smile, "Well, it's all right. Today I went to the seafood market specially and bought a lot of seafood. Tianyu, come and sit down. Have a good taste of aunt's craft today." Ouyang Xiaoxiao took the opportunity to apologize to Yixiang Tianyu in a low voice, "I'm sorry, brother Tianyu, I shouldn't have mentioned Grandma just now." Yi Xiang Tianyu waved his hand with a faint smile. Ouyang Xiaoxiao took his hand. "Brother Tianyu, you sit beside me. I just said something wrong. Now let me express my apology." Yi Xiangtianyu smiled noncommittally. Ouyang Chuchu's eyes fell on their hands, and his expression suddenly darkened. Zhang Yuqing turned around and told her little daughter with a calm face, "Chuchu, what are you waiting for? Why don't you go to the kitchen and bring out the dishes?" Ouyang Yunfeng took a bottle of wine and waved to Yixiang Tianyu, "Tianyu, come and have a drink with Uncle Yunfeng.". Uncle has been hiding this wine for ten years, and he wanted to have a drink with your father. Your father is too busy with business to spare time, and it's the same for you to drink with your uncle. Outside laughter, Ouyang Chuchu secretly looked back,uns s31803 sheet, is to see Ouyang Xiaoxiao clip a prawn into the bowl of Yi Xiang Tianyu, Yi Xiang Tianyu did not refuse, but laughed to eat.
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