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Huanhua Xijian Record-Gulong _ txt Novel Paradise (2nd Feb 23 at 12:58am UTC)
Pan Jicheng anger gradually, forbearance did not send, but quietly with friends played a wink, stopped the horse, wait until the front of more than thirty cars and horses are afraid to pass by, Pan Jicheng suddenly turned over and dismounted, a step in the past, the last car driver pulled down, right hand food, middle two fingers, light against the driver's shoulder under the soft hemp point, as long as the driver's mouth, His two fingers were about to point, but although the driver's face was already startled, he would never scream, and none of the drivers in front of him were surprised to look back. Pan Jicheng sink a track: "Pull the cart gently to the side of the road and see what's in the coffin." The most inquisitive and curious of these Jianghu visitors could not help suspecting that the coffins were not empty at the moment. Some people have guessed that these plants must be the mysterious means of transporting the property of the great men in the green forest, and that the coffins are hidden with gold and jewelry that may be priceless, beautiful women that may be alive and fragrant, and naturally, the corpses of enemies whose flesh and blood are blurred.. Either way, it is enough to make these Jianghu guests interested. As a result,Warehouse storage racks, all the people on the road could not help but come quietly to see what amazing things were hidden in the coffin? But when I opened the lid of the coffin, the coffin was really empty. They can not help but sigh with disappointment, saying: "There's really nothing!" Bojicheng's eyes flashed and he said, "Yes.." There is a paper card. Several hands immediately stretched out at the same time, the fastest hand stretched out, took out the paper, took a look,Narrow aisle rack, the man's face immediately became very strange, seemed very surprised, and seemed a little funny. What was written on the paper was: A new coffin is presented to Mr. Miao Beichang, so as to prevent Mr. Miao's corpse from being exposed in the barren mountain. I hope Mr. Miao will check it in a friendly way. Go to the good people in Jianghu. "Hercules" Miao Beichang is one of the forty masters who want to compete in Mount Tai this time. Naturally, everyone knows his name. Qunhao looked at this word, one by one looked at each other, some do not know whether to laugh or cry. One person wry smile way: "What on earth is this kind person in Jianghu?"? Is this a prank or what? ? Did he calculate that Hercules must die? ?" The other man answered: "So it seems that I'm afraid that every one of the forty masters who participated in this meeting has a coffin.." He took one look at Pan Jicheng, coughed several times, and kept silent. Just because Pan Jicheng is also one of the forty masters. Broadcast Ji city face is angry, grabbed the driver, harsh voice way: "Who is your master?"? What on earth is he doing this for? ? "The driver hissed:" I don't know.. I do not know Pan Jicheng backhand a palm, slap in his face, nu way: "Will you say it or not?" An old man with yellow clothes, cloth shoes and rustling white hair, who did not know when, radio shuttle racking ,warehouse rack manufacturer, had come with a cane, suddenly laughed at the moment: "You can't ask why, because it's not that he won't say, but that he can't say." The pale beard and hair had covered his face by six or seven tenths, and no one could see his face, only the overlapping wrinkles on his forehead and at the corners of his eyes, and the sarcastic and contemptuous sophistication in his eyes. Qunhao are not aware of staring at him, Panji city eyes the sharpest, sink a track: "Listen to you talk like this, do you know what's going on?"? Are you their master? ? "The old man laughed." "If I want to buy a coffin, the coffin is also reserved for my own use. How can I have the kindness of his master to ship it to others?".
"Pan Jicheng sneer at:" "Is it good to give a man a coffin and curse him to death?" Ma Yi old man shook his head and sighed: "Since ancient times, how many of the people who participated in such a fight can go back alive?"? Aren't those exposed corpses in the barren hills? When the body turned into bones, I'm afraid no one has been buried, the meeting of Mount Tai was kind enough to send you a coffin, your good fortune has been considered good. "Pan Jicheng said angrily:" "The meeting of Mount Tai is just a meeting of friends with martial arts. How can it be compared with those meetings of murder in the past? If you say so, don't you think so?" Ma Yi said with a smile: "Make friends with martial arts?"? So see and hear ? Young man Let me ask you, when you fight with others, how many times do you deliberately show mercy? How many people have deliberately let others go back alive? "Pan Jicheng was in a daze and said," The old man in sackcloth said: If you don't mean to show mercy, has anyone else ever meant to show mercy? The man who went to Mount Tai Who can guarantee that he will go down the mountain alive? Alas ! Wulin teenagers are so stupid that every time they spill blood easily.. The crutch touched the ground and hobbled away. Qunhao once again looked at each other, afraid to be silent. Pan Jicheng dazed for a long time, suddenly looked up and shouted: "Laozhang, please stay. I wonder if you can tell me your name." He had understood the deep meaning of the old man's words, and the address had become very respectful. But the old man walked with a cane, but did not look back, but casually sang: "Wandering in Jianghu is too backward!"! My own name has been forgotten. Pan Jicheng put foot chasing, fiercely since shout a way: "Where is Laozhang going?" The old man in sackcloth laughed. "If you ask me where I'm going, the shadows will whirl under the moon." He didn't seem to be walking very fast, but Pan Jicheng couldn't catch up with him for a while. Suddenly, a figure, as light as smoke and as fast as a meteor, came slanting in front of the old man, as if to block his way. But as soon as the old man's body turned, he turned into a small forest beside the sidewalk, with white beard and white hair, which only floated in the shade of branches and leaves, and then disappeared. A figure came from the slanting ground and hurried to the woods, but he turned around outside the woods and suddenly stopped. This man really remembered the old saying "Don't enter the woods", which has been circulating in Jianghu for many years, more clearly than anyone else. Therefore, people never suffer losses. She turned out to be a fat old woman, with silvery white hair, half bald, wearing a linen robe with at least fifteen or sixteen pockets, and a crutch in her hand, but nine feet long,Pallet rack beams, almost twice as tall as her body. Seeing this old woman, the experienced Wulin heroes could not help but take a breath of cold air in the dark, sighing that they were really unlucky to meet her today.
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