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Yue Xiaochai-Wolongsheng _ txt Novel Paradise (2nd Feb 23 at 1:10am UTC)
Such martial arts masters fight, no one is willing to give up the first chance, Tanaka yuan, hidden weapons, feet, palms together, attack three people, but attracted Sun Buxie and Wuwei Taoist counterattack. The momentum of Tanaka's attack was only a false move. After sending out his fists and feet, he hung in the air and turned back. His feet fell to the ground. He was already ten feet away. He burst out laughing and said, "Excuse me. The future is long. See you later." With that, the man was already seven or eight feet away. Xiao Ling stood up and wanted to catch up with him, but was stopped by the Taoist Priest Wuwei. "Let him go," he said. "It's important for us to save people." As soon as Xiao Ling's heart moved, she remembered that there was a hidden weapon of poison in Zhongzhou Erjia and others. She hurriedly said to Sun Buxie, "Elder, where are they now?" Sun Buxie drew a long breath and said, "It's in the grass not far to the right. Alas!"! This Shen Mufeng is really powerful. Although Lao Jiaohua is an enemy of him, he can't help but admire him. Even the five culprits in the South China Sea have been used by him. During the conversation, he had come to the front of the grass. Sun Buxie took the lead and went straight into the grass. Xiao Ling and the Taoist Priest of Wuwei followed closely behind Sun Buxie, and after walking about two or three Zhangs, they reached a cliff. Sima Gan and Zhongzhou Erjia were sitting cross-legged,chrome washing machine, breathing with luck, and the two tigers were lying on the side of Zhongzhou Erjia. Sun Buxie frowned and said, "Strange!"! Why is it like healing a poison wound? Golden Abacus Shang Ba slowly opened his eyes and looked at the three of them. He said with a smile, "After the elder left, another man in black came in a hurry. He used a magnet to suck out the poisonous needles from our bodies and gave each of us a pill of antidote to take. He left in a hurry without saying a word. The man was very skilled and treated several of us in just a moment." "Didn't you ask his name?" Asked Sun Buxie. "Yes," said Shang Ba, "but he should never say a word." "This man has helped us many times," said Hsiao Ling,sodium cyanide price, "but every time he refuses to leave his name. I don't know what his intentions are." "What about that man's appearance?" Asked the Taoist Priest Wuwei. Sima Gan opened his eyes and said, "As far as my brother can see, he looks like a girl." Xiao Ling said, "is it a woman?" "She's petite," said Shang Ba. "She has delicate fingers and a faint fragrance around her. She's probably a woman." Xiao Ling didn't say anything, but in her heart she felt very strange. She said to herself, It's really puzzling that there are so many girls helping each other. The Taoist Priest of Wuwei said, "I have never had any contact with a heroine in half my life. I have never made friends with a school of Wudang, which is dominated by women. I am not helping my Wudang school." Sun Buxie said, "Lao Jiaohua has never been in contact with a woman in his life. Naturally, he is not Lao Jiaohua." Xiao Ling said, "I can't think of a heroine who secretly helps me.." But I felt a flash of inspiration in my mind. "Could it be her?" He asked. "Who is he?" Asked Sun Buxie. "" That's what the younger generation thinks, "said Xiao Ling." I'm afraid they may not be able to guess correctly. "Let's hear it out," said Sun Buxie, coltan ore processing ,portable gold wash plant, "so I can help you think about it." "Miss Baili, daughter of the Venerable Northern Heaven," said Xiao Ling. Sun Buxie patted his thigh and shouted, "It must be her!"! Unless it is her, who has such a strong martial arts, like a dragon, see the beginning but not the end. The Taoist Priest of Wuwei shook his head and said, "The view of the poor Taoist is different from that of the two of you. The heroine who helps each other in secret is not a hundred miles of girls." "Why?" Asked Sun Buxie. The Taoist Priest of Wuwei said, "If it were that girl, I'm afraid she would have shown up long ago to meet us. She ran away privately to look for Master Xiao. How could she refuse to meet us?" "That makes sense," said Sun Buxie. "But if it's not her, who is it?" The Taoist Priest of Wuwei glanced at Xiao Ling and said, "That's not what the poor Taoist knows." Xiao Ling said blankly, "the younger generation really doesn't know this." Seeing that he didn't look like a liar, Sun Buxie couldn't help sighing, "That's strange. I've been in Jianghu all my life, but I've never met such a strange thing. We don't know each other, but we're helping each other in secret everywhere. And it's so coincidental that every time we happen to arrive at a critical moment, we won't leave our names after we're rescued.".
” The Taoist Priest of Wuwei said, "It seems that we can't work out why for a while, but this mystery will never be delayed for too long. It's not difficult to expose it for nearly ten days and more than three months." Sun Buxie's heart moved and he asked, "Will you have a plot to repay your kindness?" "It's hard to say," said the Taoist Priest of Wuwei. "Alas," said Sun Buxie! We have all been saved by them. Once they are exposed, it will be difficult for them to put forward any conditions. Do you agree or not? Xiao Ling said, "If what they propose is a trivial matter, we are naturally duty-bound. If what they propose is related to the overall situation and harmful to reason, naturally we can't agree." Du Jiu, who had been resting with his eyes closed, suddenly opened his eyes and said coldly, "I have one thing to tell the Taoist." "If you have any advice, Brother Du," said the Taoist Priest Wuwei, "I'm all ears." Du Jiu said, "The man who cured me of the poison wound. When he leaves, tell me the next thing. I'll tell the Taoist." "What's the matter?" Asked the Taoist Priest Wuwei. Du Jiu said, "He said that your disciples, led by the Taoist Priest Yunyang, had withdrawn to an ancient temple twenty miles to the west. He wanted us to go to the temple and meet them." When the Taoist Priest Wuwei, who had cultivated himself, suddenly heard the news, he could not help exulting and said, "Is this true?" "I don't know if it's true or not," said Du Jiu. "But the man told me so, and I told the Taoist with a good word." The Taoist of Wuwei sighed and said no more. Sun Buxie looked at his face and knew that the Taoist Priest Wuwei was very anxious at the moment. He wished he could rush to the ancient temple to have a look. He immediately asked, "Does that man want us to go together?"? Or just the Taoist Priest Wuwei? She Jiu said, "The man said he wanted us to go to the ancient temple and meet them. He didn't mean that the Taoist Priest Wuwei was alone." Sun Buxie said,tin beneficiation plant, "How is your poison wound? Can you go on your way?" "We can do it," said Du Jiu. Stand up. Shang Ba and Sima Gan stood up together. "I'm ready to act," he said. 。
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