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Act like a spoiled child with Bo Shao--Jin Yan (2nd Feb 23 at 1:12am UTC)
Luo Huan opened the window to ventilate, but fortunately he brought his own sheets and thin quilts, so he tidied up the bed, but it was not so hard. It's just too cold out here, isn't it? The room was like a log cabin. …… In contrast, Bo Jinnan is not so delicate, after a simple wash, only wrapped in a bath towel into the room. Luo Huan: … … This big man.. "Can.." Can you put your clothes on. When Luo Huan finished, he blushed and added, "You'll catch cold." "Mmm." It's just a personal habit. Looking at Luo Huan's cramped appearance, Bo Jinnan threw the towel in his hand directly into Luo Huan's hand, "help me dry." "Well.." The boss's orders. Seeing Bo Jinnan sitting on the edge of the bed, Luo Huan knelt behind Bo Jinnan, and his little hands quickly worked on the man's hair. Luo Huan's little hands are very gentle, the movements are very comfortable, and Bo Jinnan's thin lips are slightly raised. Are you sure the Lin Hao we're looking for is here? "Well, according to the information we checked,Serum Bottle With Dropper, Lin Hao has registered his bone marrow transplant information in other cities, and the address he gave for his hometown is here." Luo Huan: … … But 、 Luo Huan always has a bad feeling. Well, even if there is a glimmer of hope, I can't give up. Luo Huan did not know whether he was encouraging Bo Jinnan or himself, in short, the taste in his heart was not so good. OK Luo Huan is only wearing a nightdress,Glass Cream Jars, so it's hard to avoid getting a little cold. The air conditioning here is just a decoration. The temperature outside is at least zero degrees. After Luo Huan dried the man's hair, he immediately got into the thin quilt. Uh The quilt is also thin. God damn it. Luo Huan was very upset and came out with Bo Jinnan. Luo Huan had no idea that it would be such a situation. Bo Zong. I Even if Luo Huan wants to open his mouth and say that he wants to find a sofa to sleep, it's good to find a chair to come out. Therefore, Luo Huan has to face a very realistic problem. I'm going to sleep with Bo Jinnan tonight. Luo Huan wanted to say something, but Bo Jinnan was already lying on the bed of 1.5 meters. Go to bed early. We have to find someone tomorrow. "Mmm." Since Bo Jinnan did not say anything, Luo Huan felt that if he haggled over every ounce, he would appear to be hypocritical. Thinking of this, Luo Huan pressed down the strange feeling in his heart and lay beside Bo Jinnan. With the lights on. Luo Huan spoke with difficulty: "Do you want to turn off the light?" "Good." Bo Jinnan stretched out his arm directly to turn off the light, and the room was dark, with only a little starlight pouring in from outside. Luo Huan looked a little absent. The direct conversation between himself and Bo Jinnan just now is very much like the conversation between husband and wife before going to bed. It's too ambiguous. Luo Huan felt a little out of breath. I "You.." Two people speak at the same time, full of tacit understanding. You go first. Bo Jinnan took the lead in opening his mouth and grasped the initiative. Luo Huan thought for a moment and whispered, "No matter what the result is tomorrow, Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale ,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, thank you." Luo Huan sincerely opened his mouth, did not wait for the man's answer, but waited for the earth-shaking movement in the next room. Luo Huan: … … Luo Huan is not a green girl. So Luo Huan knows what happened in the next room like a mirror. Silence. Bo Jinnan obviously heard clearly what had happened in the next room, and his dark eyes were deep. Luo Huan tried to move toward the bedside, keeping a safe distance from Bo Jinnan, and the next moment, he was directly fished into his arms by Bo Jinnan. You want to freeze to death so far away from me? Luo Huan is at a loss for words: "I..." "Sleep." Luo Huan immediately closed his eyes and ignored the movement in the next room, but the man's chin was on top of his head and he couldn't move. Luo Huan blushed and could only open his mouth in a low voice: "Bo Zong.." I I can't sleep. Can you get up and sit by yourself for a while. Luo Huan's words have not finished, Bo Jinnan's big hand has accurately covered Luo Huan's ears in the night. Sleep Overbearing, with a bit of command tone, but reveals more warmth. The man's palm is very hot, very warm, Luo Huan's heart is inexplicably moving.
He Help yourself fall asleep in this way? Luo Huan's eyes trembled slightly, and suddenly his mood calmed down. After a long time, he whispered, "Good." Ear is the man's hot palm, although you can still vaguely hear the earth-shaking movement in the next room, but Luo Huan's mood is inexplicably calm down, running around for a day, and finally more and more sleep, in the arms of Bo Jinnan fell asleep. Bo Jinnan: ".." She was sleeping peacefully. But Bo Jinnan was not sleepy at all. Ink eyes are deep, dizzy with a little scarlet, as if in the dark night do not look carefully can not catch the general. When Luo Huan woke up, he found himself in the arms of Bo Jinnan. The man's chest is very hot, so even if the quilt is a little thin, Luo Huan did not feel so cold. Luo Huan blushed, almost airtight, trapped in his arms by a man in a protective position. The man has not yet woken up, he can only look at the man's hard chin, that angular handsome face. The sunlight pours on the man's handsome face, which makes Bo Jinnan look particularly charming and evil. Luo Huan couldn't help thinking of the scenes last night. This is ***ing. What the hell is this place? Especially the people living in the next room, Luo Huan thought after the scalp tingling. The noise last night was really.. Luo Huan held his breath and dared not move in Bo Jinnan's arms. I tried to sit up, but I couldn't move at all, so I had to give up. Luo Huan pursed his lips, and after half a ring, he noticed that the man had a faint sign of waking up, and quickly pushed Bo Jinnan away from the man's arms. Bo Zong, good morning. Luo Huan tried his best to hide his strangeness,30ml dropper bottle, but his ears were red, his voice trembled, and he was easily exposed.
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